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Chemical processing plant using SCADASCADA

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

Entalysis SCADA solutions focus on the analysis of the recorded data. Many SCADA systems record all the parameters at fixed intervals and in response to alarms or certain events, but the analyses are often limited. Entalysis solutions bring the collaboration, dashboards, KPIs, reporting and event/ alarm drill-down analyses to complete your system.

SCADA systems are often unique, recording bespoke parameters and, similar to any other management information system, the dependent relationships between these parameters and their historical values enable meaningful analyses. Whether your SCADA system controls oil filtration plants, power generation sites or whatever, Entalysis gives you the power to run more efficiently and more effectively.

The Extensions platform does enable supervisory control and data acquisition via a programmable logic controller's internet connection interface, but we recommend using the proprietary control and data acquisition software where available. Entalysis' involvement in supervisory control or data acquisition (in addition to the usual data analysis) tends to be on bespoke projects where a standard solution is not available. Please contact us if you wish to discuss this aspect further.

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