Consultancy and Software for
Business Performance Management

Consulting and Implementation

Entalysis solutions enable our clients to run their business processes more efficiently, more effectively and, crucially, more profitably. The experience of our consultancy and implementation team ensures the return on investment is realised quickly and the implementation delivered efficiently and without disruption.

At the centre of every Entalysis project is the customer. While the methodologies, functionality and analyses of many of our solutions share common themes, the weighting each business attaches to each aspect is different; sometimes subtly, sometimes fundamentally. Our consultants work with your project and management teams, exploring the most effective options and defining an achievable plan.

During the implementation, we work as members of your project team, deploying the Extensions platform, interfacing with the relevant management information systems, and programming the Extensions software to meet the specification decided through the consultation. The programming logic is contained in editable XML files, ensuring the solution is easily modifiable and can evolve as necessary. The scripts within the XML files are a series of database SQL (structured query language) commands with an XML wrapper; provided the IT members of your project team can write database SQL scripts without the use of a wizard, they will quickly be able to generate their own analyses and deploy them on the Extensions platform throughout your business to the desired audience. However, we have many customers who entrust all the scripting of the Extensions platform to Entalysis, focussing their efforts on the management information system interfaces and the logic to meet the specification from the consultancy process.

Your relationship with Entalysis will not cease at the 'go live' date. Your business is dynamic, constantly evolving to remain competitive, which means your business processes will also evolve over time, whether this be through the growth of your business through acquisition, a change in market conditions, or the implementation of a new management information system. Entalysis consultants are always available to leverage and adapt your solution to new challenges, continuing to return on investment.

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