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An Entalysis Extensions solution gives a clear picture of what your management information systems are not reporting and enables the missing functionality required to optimise your business processes.

Entalysis' software platform which enables the methodologies, analyses, collaboration and tools of your solution is called Extensions. Whether the relevant business processes relate to supply chain, personnel, finance, or sales and marketing, Extensions has the flexibility to build and deploy your solution both quickly and easily:

Functionality and Analyses

Extensions software enables the functionality, tools and analyses your business processes ideally require, without the constraints of your existing management information systems' standard reporting or functionality. A solution comprises related methods, functionality and analyses, which need to flow in a specific and desired sequence, aligned to the business process. Extensions enables this via editable grids, graphs, dashboards, trees, report builders, bespoke tools and data routines, which match the business process' workflow.

Security, Collaboration and Safeguarding Sensitive Data

A business process often has a wide range of participants both vertically, from senior executives interested in KPIs to the persons driving the process, and horizontally across divisions and businesses, where business processes may be standardised for consistency and synergy. Extensions' security features allow report analyses and functionality to be filtered both absolutely, where a sensitive content is excluded from the user completely, and selectively, where the content is restricted to their areas of responsibility.

An Extensions solution can be deployed over a company intranet and/ or the internet. Extensions has a client-server architecture with secure communication, meaning that business process participants outside your organisation can have safe access to their relevant analyses and functionality where required.

Report Availability and Version Control

Extensions is the single access point for each user's relevant analyses and functionality. Users do not need to search for innumerable reports stored in a myriad of network folders, and the problems of version control are eliminated as only the current analyses are available, which eradicates the confusion arising from outdated or incorrect data.

Exploiting Data

Extensions solutions exploit the large volumes of data across disparate management information systems and other sources of data. Data may exist in different types of database (Oracle, SQL Server etc.) or data source (spreadsheets, text files etc.) to which Extensions connects as if it were a single combined data source. Data required for analyses which lie outside the management information system controlling the process are now utilised, enabling clearer, better-informed decisions.

Configuration and Administration

The analyses, filtering and functionality of an Extensions solution are created with dynamic report templates. A single template generates the report output for the multitude of variations based on user permissions and any user filtering. The template can be used at multiple points within a solution and bases output on a default value if no filters have yet been set; for example, within a sales analysis, the same graph may be used for any combination of sales region/ area/ account and product group/ part number analysis, including the top-level totals. The templates minimise IT developer effort and ensure any changes to the report output are restricted to a single template, in turn, minimising the risk of errors.

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