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Data Quality Solution for the Non-Household Water Retail Market in England

This video demonstrates the Entalysis data quality solution for the non-household water retail market in England.

In April 2017, the England non-household water retail market opened for competition, enabling customers to choose their retailer. The regional water companies separated their non-household retail and wholesale operations, and new retailers entered the market. Retailers and wholesalers became independent and no longer seamlessly shared property, services and occupier data.

However, this data is required for market operation and settlement. Market participants must be able to define and communicate their respective properties, services or occupiers to ensure the correct financial settlement between retailers and wholesalers. This requires a data model, a central IT system and a set of transactions to enable updates and notifications.

The data model is complex and comprises hundreds of data items that define each aspect of a property, service or occupier and their relationships. There are 1.2 million non-household customers in the market and their water and wastewater service configurations are complicated and often unique. With endless configurations across a large customer base and significant legacy data quality issues, this is a large task for every wholesaler and retailer.

However, even when a problem is found, deeper investigation is required before cleanse can begin to cross-check related data items and determine the exact reason for the failure. Furthermore, properties with trade effluent or meter-related rule failures often need mapping out on paper to understand all the relationships. All this makes the cleanse process involved and time-consuming.

The Entalysis data quality solution does all this automatically and also generates the transactions to bulk cleanse CMOS via the medium volume interface or your internal IT system via a SQL script. In summary, the Entalysis solution:

Ultimately, this solution automatically generates the investigation reports, cleanse packs and corrective transactions that the cleanse agents and data scientists would otherwise have to perform manually. The end-to-end cleanse process becomes simpler, clearer and faster.

Glossary of terms used in the video:

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