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Support and Training

The training for an Entalysis solution falls into two categories: end-user and configuration. End-user training covers the final solution, from its methodologies employed and any special functionality, the interaction with the relevant management information system (ERP, HR, CRM, SOP, Financials, SCADA etc.) to the range of analyses as well as the general functionality of the Extensions platform hosting the solution. As only the relevant functionality and reports are available to each user, thereby shielding them from unnecessary complexity, the training is much faster to complete than similar solutions where irrelevant data screens and reports require some understanding.

Configuration training is aimed at the IT staff who will deploy the solution for additional users, create and modify functionality and analyses, and generally maintain the system. The level of configuration training depends on the involvement the customer wishes with these aspects, which varies from complete involvement where new analyses are created in-house, a minor involvement where training covers additional users and general maintenance, to a solution whose management is solely Entalysis' responsibility with no configuration training necessary.

Full telephone and e-mail support is available via the Entalysis consultancy team for your implementation, with 24hr cover to answer any other queries.

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