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A supply chain is a large and complex function comprising procurement, manufacturing and logistics. It spans many businesses in addition to your own, from suppliers to customers, and involves many people at different levels. It is highly dependent upon many external factors, yet equally governs others to the same degree. Managing supply chain performance requires collaboration and clear analyses, leading participants to problems needing action, and also the functionality to effect these actions via the best methods tailored to your supply chain.

Entalysis supply chain, procurement and manufacturing solutions only extend to areas of weak or missing reporting or functionality within the relevant management information systems; although a supply chain may be large, if the weakness is solely in one specific area, then this will be the extent of the Entalysis solution.


Within an ERP system, supply chain processes require much data calculation, often based on user-determined parameters; examples include product replenishment lead times, forecasts, and work order scheduling. Entalysis Supply Chain solutions have a range of core functionality which can be implemented as required and tailored specifically to your business. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further.

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