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Entalysis KPI dashboardDashboards, KPIs and Scorecarding

Clearly Lead Users to a Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Actions

The core principle of an Entalysis dashboard is to indicate clearly the status of each scorecard and KPI (Key Performance Indicator) and lead the user to a root cause analysis, with the functionality to take corrective actions where appropriate.

This is a hierarchical set of drill-down reports, whose structure matches the workflow of the relevant business process. Complex business processes will potentially have several performance drivers, each affecting the KPI. The root cause analysis needs to identify and substantiate the problematic or thriving performance drivers, and enable the user to take corrective action, which may involve a data update in the relevant management information system. With Entalysis, users take the correct action confidently, quickly and easily, without the need to perform their own investigation.

Entalysis Extensions' security and permissions features ensure safe collaboration so dashboards can be standardised for collaboration both vertically, along the line of management, and horizontally across sites, divisions and even external businesses like suppliers or customers.

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