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Gain Business Insight by Leveraging Your Data

Across your various management information systems, there is a sea of data. It is the record of every 'heartbeat' within your organisation, describing past and present events in perfect detail. Viewed discretely, it seems nothing more than a series of snapshots, seemingly unrelated to the other data. However, there is a multi-faceted story here with lessons for the future; Entalysis business intelligence tells this story.

Entalysis business intelligence, querying and reporting solutions enable your users to leverage your organisation's data, discovering the root cause drivers of performance and transforming it into clear analyses for collaboration and, crucially, action. Analytics show the trends and dependent relationships between data, which can be investigated further to determine root causes. Users can collaborate, both vertically along the line of management and horizontally across sites and divisions, sharing data with any sensitivities shielded by Extensions' security features.

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