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REG Biopower Case Study
SCADA, Performance Management and Business Intelligence

REG Biopower logo and power stations
REG Biopower is the biofuel processing and power generation division of Renewable Energy Generation. They collect waste vegetable oil and recover it to produce their patented LF100 bioliquid, which has a chemical-free process and a minimal carbon footprint compared to biodiesel. The LF100 bioliquid is used to fuel highly-efficient combined-heat-and-power power stations at various locations around the United Kingdom, supplying the National Grid, businesses and homes.

REG Biopower use Entalysis Extensions for their power stations' SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition). Extensions records the hundreds of plant variables spanning fuel levels, pressures, temperatures and running speeds, and provides every KPI, analysis and alarm they need, spanning bioliquid replenishment requirements, detailed generating-set metrics, power production and running times. They use Extensions' business intelligence report builder to investigate any site issues, drilling-down into the history to determine the correlation between parameters to help improve plant performance.

Extensions is deployed over their company intranet and the internet, enabling an external company of engineers to access the SCADA analysis and alarms. Their Extensions SCADA solution went live in October 2009, with their latest Leeds National Grid site coming online in autumn 2011.

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