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Title: Entalysis Business Performance Management Overview
Duration: 1m 47s

[00:02] In today's tough marketplace, profitability is continuously squeezed.

[00:08] Growing that vital gap between sales revenues and operating costs is everyone’s focus; becoming more effective and more efficient makes it happen.

[00:20] Entalysis solutions enable our customers to run their business processes more effectively, more efficiently, more profitably.

[00:31] We optimise any process within your supply chain, sales and marketing, personnel or finance functions, from a single division to a worldwide organisation.

[00:44] Our solutions work in harmony with your existing IT systems and only extend to fill areas of functionality or reporting which are weak or missing.

[00:54] From dashboards, KPIs, analyses, performance management, and business intelligence, right through to tailored functionality for demand forecasting, procurement, capacity planning, or whatever your business requires.

[01:10] With Entalysis:

  • [01:12] Team members collaborate and gain visibility
  • [01:16] Analyses identify problems and lead users to corrective actions as well as the root cause
  • [01:22] Functionality, tools, and methods are freed from constraints, performing as needed, not as dictated
  • [01:30] And every data source is exploited, in a secure, live-data, maintenance-free system

[01:37] More effective, more efficient, more profitable.

[01:42] Entalysis

Business Performance Management

Entalysis solutions bring the expertise, methodologies, analyses and functionality to run your business processes more effectively and more efficiently. Our solutions enable

  • Collaboration and Teamwork,
    so every participant within a process interacts, coordinates and contributes.
  • Root Cause Analysis,
    where bespoke KPI reporting clearly leads participants to a root cause analysis and corrective actions.
  • Optimised Functionality,
    where best-practice tools and data calculations are fitted to your business processes and integrated with management information systems where required.
  • Fully-Exploited Data,
    where all relevant data sources are seamlessly integrated and leveraged, enabling on-demand reporting of live data.

We work with your teams to optimise any of the business processes which collectively make up the core functions like supply chain, finance, sales and marketing, operations or human resources.

Entalysis business performance management solutions complement and integrate with any management information system (ERP, HR, CRM, SOP, Financials, SCADA etc.) and provide the desired reporting, analysis, functionality and collaboration where they are weak or missing. Examples include

  • Dashboards, KPIs and scorecards with drill-down to full root cause analysis
  • Business intelligence, performance management, querying and reporting
  • Cash flow, profit and loss, budget and debtor analysis
  • Sales analysis for product group/ part versus sales region/ area/ account
  • Demand forecasting and procurement
  • Finite capacity planning
  • SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition)
  • Personnel staffing levels, performance rating and training analysis

Next, read more our more about our range of solutions, which are enabled by our Extensions software platform.

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